Event Division Availability Add-on

The Event Division availability add-on will simply display the availability of a specific event division. The shortcode can be added anywhere on your page to enhance your existing event pages with the helpful availability information your customers are looking for. No more need for customers to create an account and begin the registration process only to discover the event they desire is full. The simplest and easiest way to display availability on your web page.

To view an example of what it might look like, visit the Example Event Division Availability page.

Event Availability Table Add-on

The Event Availability Table add-on will generate a list of all events for a specific location with their name, date, availability, divisions, and a registration link. The html will have plenty of CSS classes to allow custom styling to fit your existing web page.

To view an example of what this looks like, visit the Example Event Availability Table page.

Housekeeping/Accommodations Add-on

Our Housekeeping add-on displays your lodging resources and provides the ability for you to set a Room Status for each. The room status allows your staff to quickly set a lodging resource status, and facilitates communication between your guest check-in staff and your cleaning staff regarding the availability of lodging resources. A few smart features are built-in to sync with Circuitree check-in and check-out and keep your staff updated and productive.

To view a screenshot of this add-on and read more, visit the Housekeeping Add-on page.