Example Event Division Availability

The Event Division Availability Add-On is a way to display the availability of a specific event division. It will simply output the text "Open", "Nearly Full", or "Full". This text can be customized per organization.

Below is an example of this in action. Because the Add-On simply outputs the availability of an event divsion, this allows it to be easily added to your existing style and look. For example, the below table is what a website might typically show, regarding the event name, dates, and grade level. Using the Add-On, you can display the availability of both Girls and Boys divisions. The words 'Open','Nearly Full', and 'Full' are dynamically generated from Circuitrees' API. No need to manually update an event's availability ever again.

Example of Event Division Availability

Select Event to Register
Date / Grades
July 1-5 / K-4th

Boys: Nearly Full / Girls: Nearly Full

July 8-12 / K-5th

Boys: Open / Girls: Full

July 15-19 / K-4th

Boys: Nearly Full / Girls: Open

The CSS to style output text:

The Add-on generates text wrapped in a tag with css classes to enable custom styling. The below css is an example that can be used to style the event division availability add-on.

.ctaddonsCom.eda-open {color:green;}
.ctaddonsCom.eda-nearlyfull {color: orange;}
.ctaddonsCom.eda-full {color:red;}