Housekeeping Add-on

The Housekeeping Add-on is a Circuitree add-on that provides you with a integrated solution to track your lodging resources cleanliness status. This sought after add-on allows you to track real-time if your rooms are clean, dirty, occupied, or vacant, as well as set additional custom statuses. Get away from less reliable methods of tracking room status, such as shared spreadsheets, radios, or pen and paper. This mobile-friendly, Circuitree API connected add-on will save you time and frustrations associated with methods not connected to Circuitree.

A mobile friendly web app will allow your housekeeping or accommodations team to mark rooms as clean on-the-go, and the corresponding read-only page is for your front desk or welcome center department to know when a room is ready for guest to check-in.

The Housekeeping Add-on syncs with Circuitree to track check-ins and check-outs, so that room statuses will adjust accordingly from occupied to vacant.

Contact [email protected] for a demo and pricing. Set-up is quick and simple.

Mobile Friendly Design

The add-on is mobile and iPad friendly, allowing your staff to update a room status on-the-go as they visit and clean or check on your rooms. Because the add-on connects with the Circuitree check-out process, your team knows exactly when a guest has checked-out and can begin cleaning rooms quickly, especially on turn-over days when time is critical.

iPad Example  example-hk-iphone


Simple Secure Access

Access to add-ons are behind a login screen that validates against your Circuitree API. This means access is available only to your staff that have a Circuitree account, and they don't need to remember another password.

What's On the Screen

The Housekeeping Add-on pulls information from Circuitree using the Circuitree API. From a single screen you can view your lodging room status, and relevant information. Each lodging resource has a Room Status which your housekeeping and accommodations team members can update to track if a room is clean or not.  The Guest Status icons identify if a guest is arriving, departing or a stay-over for the current day, based on the reservations itinerary. The Check-In status identifies when and guest has Checked-In (CI) or Checked-Out (CO) from the Circuitree Check-In process. Lastly, the background colors will display green for Vacant and Clean rooms only, to quickly tell you if a room is ready for a guest to check-in.  A yellow background identifies a dirty or occupied room, and a red background is for any room that is assigned a custom status.

Housekeeping Add-on